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MNE Tax Policies: Examples

As year-end is approaching, many multinationals take this opportunity to review, and revise accordingly, their global tax policies/principles.  Additionally, UK also has an requirement to publish the company’s UK tax principles, which is usually a subset of the global policy.

Global tax policies/principles are generally approved by the Board of Directors, although not an express requirement, however it is a Best Practice.

Examples include Unilever, Siemens Gamesa, Siemens, Shell, Mars and Starbucks, which are all in the public domain.

Click to access corporate-tax-policy.pdf

Click to access siemens-tax-code-of-conduct-and-tax-policy.pdf

Click to access 77CB10D4E6DD403A92D568DE90148166.pdf


EC: Tax Policies in the EU

The European Commission has published a 2018 survey of tax policies.

The “Tax Policies in the EU survey” examines how Member States’ tax systems help to promote investment and employment, how they are working to reduce tax fraud, evasion and avoidance, and how tax systems help to address income inequalities and ensure social fairness.

It substantiates the priorities outlined in the Annual Growth Survey  in the area of taxation and presents in a clear and accessible fashion the most recent reforms in Member States and the main indicators used by the European Commission to analyse tax policies in the context of the European Semester . It also presents reform options to improve efficiency and fairness in tax systems.

New elements of this year’s edition include a summary of important business taxation reforms in third countries, an analysis on taxation as an environmental policy instrument, a focus on the implications of new forms of work for labour taxation, an analysis of the influence of the overall tax mix on progressivity, and an overview of recent EU tax initiatives.

Tables starting at page 111 include EU Member State summaries, including sections re: employer social security contributions, corporate / other income taxes, VAT, environmental related taxes, transaction taxes and other taxes.  The summaries also refer to the actual bill that was enacted for further reference. 

This publication is a valuable summary of tax policies, trends, and tax reforms in 2018.

Click to access tax_policies_survey_2018.pdf

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