Strategizing International Tax Best Practices – by Keith Brockman

As advisors develop tools to capture data, etc., it seems there are not many sites/articles that a tax professional can gain knowledge quickly and easily about Best Practice reporting and a listing of the transactions that are definitive, or subjective, for consideration.

DAC6 is more draconian by the day, it seems, as countries publish rules and tax professionals unearth normal business transactions that seemingly get caught in its web.

Due to the significant penalty provisions that have been legislated, this reporting is a requirement for which assumptions may prove costly.  Many esteemed followers (practitioners, advisors, tax administrations, academicians, etc.)  are proficient in international tax, many of whom interact with EU Member States.

To develop Best Practices that are a primary focus for this blog, I am thinking of developing a separate page for DAC6 reporting, listing basic hallmarks, and description of transactions based on my experience and input from the community.  I look forward to your input and ideas.     

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Thank you in advance for your time and comments.


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