Strategizing International Tax Best Practices – by Keith Brockman

Articles, Conferences & Presentations


  1. ITR May- double taxation ITR May 2017
  2. ITR April 2017 EU CbCR vision ITR April 2017
  3. Feb 2017 leadership ITR Feb 2017
  4. Tax Haven Blacklist Feb 2017
  5. ITR- Tax Policy Dec 2016 ITR Dec 2016
  6. ITR- Investor expectations ITR Oct 2016
  7. ITR- Audit transparency ITR Sept 2016
  8. ITR- tax literacy ITR Aug 2016
  9. ITR- Board Accountability ITR July 2016
  10. May ITR- Automation and Digitisation ITR May 2016
  11. April ITR- Tax Function of Tomorrow ITR April 2016
  12. ITR March Surrogate Entity ITR March 2016
  13. brockman Audit and Risk transparency ITR Feb. 2016
  14. BEPS a holiday Dec 2015 ITR Dec/Jan 2016
  15. Tax transparency| ITR Nov. 2015
  16. The Brockman brief: Performance review: The OECD’s reputation | International Tax Review Oct. 2015
  17. brockman WWW-2  CbCR examined, Sept. 2015, Int’l Tax Review
  18. The LCN Tax Interview: Keith Brockman, August 2015
  19. The Brockman brief: Illusory transparency: A symptom of BEPS complexity | International Tax Review July/August 2015
  20. brockman  UK Diverted Profits Tax: The extrapolation effect, Int’l Tax Review, June 2015
  21. Timing symmetry- CbCR and TP Int’l Tax Review, May 2015
  22. The Brockman brief : TP risk determination: Transparency and mutuality | International Tax Review April 2015
  23. brockman The Brockman brief, Interest: Double Taxation equality is fading, March 2015, Int’l Tax Review (first of a series)
  24. TJ_1250_Brockman copy One minute interview, Feb. 2015, Tax Journal
  25. BEPS – Preventing treaty abuse: A practical perspective  Feb. 2015, International Tax Review
  26. Article – TP documentation strategies 2014  Sept. 2014, Accountancy Magazine
  1. Int’l Tax Disputes panel presentation, April 2016, IBSA, London
  2. Tax Stakeholder Management, Nov. 2015, Thought Leader Global, Amsterdam
  3. Panel presentation: European Focus, Sept. 2015, International Tax Review Conference, Wash. DC
  4. Direct Tax: (US) Tax Reforms – One Size Fits All?, June 2015, TEI, Geneva
  5. UK DPT, Practical Aspects, April 2015, IBC, London
  6. Creating a Tax Risk Framework for your Company, Feb. 2015, Axiom Groupe, Berlin
  7. Panel presentation: Tax Function of the Future, Jan. 2015, TEI, Berlin
  8. Panel presentation: BEPS likely results and changes in taxation of US and European MNE’s, Nov. 2014, IFA/CIOT, London
  9. Moderator: The Impact of Taxation on Global Acquisitions, Nov. 2014, Int’l Business & Structuring Assoc. (IBSA), London
  10. Tax Risk Management for Companies in the MENA Region, Nov. 2014, ITIC MENA Tax Forum, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
  11. Tax administration priorities in emerging and frontier markets, Oct. 2014, Int’l Tax and Investment Center (ITIC), House of Commons, London
  12. Cross-Border tax audits on TP, Preparing and Participating in a TP Audit, Oct. 2014, Int’l Institute for Tax & Finance/Thomas Jefferson School of Law, Africa
  13. Implementation of EU Parent-Sub Directive, Oct. 2014, Thought Leader Global, Amsterdam
  14. Tax Transparency – Capitalisation & Latest Developments, Sept. 2014, The Conference Board, Council on Corp. Treasury, Brussels
  15. Best Practices in Transfer Pricing Risk Management, June 2014, IBSA, London
  16. OECD Transfer Pricing Guidelines & Int’l Tax Discussion: March 2014, School of Law KIMEP Almaty, Kazakhstan
  17. Recent Developments & Trends in Int’l Taxation: Nov. 2013, School of Law KIMEP Almaty, Kazakhstan
  18. Protecting your Tax Structure through Consistency Communication and Maintenance: Nov. 2013, Thought Leader Global, Geneva
  19. Managing Controversies – Challenges and Opportunities: Oct. 2013, Fleming Europe, Vienna
  20. Permanent Establishment (PE): Sept. 2013, School of Law KIMEP Almaty, Kazakhstan

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