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OECD endorses European Commission’s Anti-Tax Avoidance Package

OECD’s press release highlights their endorsement of the recently announced Anti-Tax Avoidance Package proposal.

“OECD Secretary-General Angel Gurría welcomed the Commission’s proposal, which he said marks an important milestone towards the development of a comprehensive, coherent and co-ordinated approach against corporate tax avoidance in Europe.”

This acknowledgment puts additional pressure on the EU Member States for unilateral adoption, as a Member State will not want to be seen as an outlier to transparency and the tax avoidance political landscape.  Thereby, the possibility of unilateral adoption is (highly) likely.  

Placing additional context behind the BEPS statement, the press release provided the following statement: “The OECD conservatively estimates revenue losses from BEPS at USD 100-240 billion annually, or anywhere from 4-10% of global corporate income tax (CIT) revenues.”


European Commission: Full speed ahead

The European Commission has clearly announced it’s intent to be the global leader in advancing OECD’s BEPS initiatives, with some proposals exceeding the scope / intent of the OECD.

Copies of the following documents are provided for reference, with subsequent posts addressing highlights of significant initiatives.  It is important to distinguish the documents between Proposals for a Council Directive, Communications, Studies and Recommendations.  

  1. Anti Tax Avoidance Package
  2. Proposal for a Council Directive re: tax avoidance practices
  3. Proposal for a Council Directive re: automatic exchange of information
  4. Annex to automatic exchange of information proposal
  5. Communication on an External Strategy for Effective Taxation
  6. Annexes to the external strategy communication
  7. Communication re: Tax Avoidance Package
  8. Study on Structures of Aggressive Tax Planning & Indicators
  9. Recommendation on implementation of measures against tax treaty abuse

The documents are required reading for all international tax practitioners, as they highlight the complex post-BEPS world and the trend indicators for the near future.  We can assume that some of these developments will proceed for action very quickly, thereby imputing a doctrine that “time is of the essence.”

Click to access swd_2016_6_en.pdf

Click to access taxation_paper_61.pdf

Click to access c_2016_271_en.pdf

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