Strategizing International Tax Best Practices – by Keith Brockman

CTO Insights

KPMG has provided valuable ideas and observations in the June edition of its Chief Tax Officer (CTO) Insights publication.

Topics addressed in this edition include:

  1. Business Case for Tax Transformation
  2. OECD releases; BEPS impact
  3. Effective Communications
  4. Talent Management
  5. Shared Services Model

Click to access cto-insights-june-2015.pdf

Interesting questions:

  • How do you stay current with emerging trends in tax and governance?
  • Has BEPS changed your international  tax planning model?
  • Do you have a formal dashboard/scorecard to convey metrics?
  • How do you develop internal talent?
  • Has tax moved to a shared service/outsourced model?

These questions are provocative and inviting, as it leads to Best Practice thinking and implementation.  The publication is a valuable and welcome reference tool for CTO’s and other interested parties.

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