Strategizing International Tax Best Practices – by Keith Brockman

The OECD has published results of its Discussion Draft for BEPS Action 11: Improving the Analysis of BEPS.  A link to the draft is provided for reference:

Click to access discussion-draft-action-11-data-analysis.pdf

This discussion draft includes consideration of the following issues:

  • What is the currently available data to analyse BEPS and BEPS countermeasures?
  • What are best practices in governments collecting and making available for research available data?
  • Whether there are additional indicators of BEPS that might be provided.
  • Whether the proposed indicators could have their “signal-to-noise” ratio enhanced.
  • Whether there are additional empirical analyses of BEPS and BEPS countermeasures, particularly in developing countries.
  • Whether there are alternative approaches or refinements of the two proposed approaches to estimating the scale of BEPS.

With the evolution of BEPS, its long-term success and degree of sustainability will be reinforced by metrics, with flexibility to change and adapt accordingly.

However, unilateral legislation advanced by several countries lack this measurement component.  As a result, such actions will have no bases to measure the need for change and the BEPS divergence will grow wider and become more complex.

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