Strategizing International Tax Best Practices – by Keith Brockman

The OECD has provided its latest consultation inviting comments re: CFC rules, using 7 building blocks for discussion.

  • Definition of a CFC
  • Threshold requirements
  • Definition of control
  • Definition of CFC income
  • Rules for computing income
  • Rules for attributing income
  • Rules to prevent or eliminate double taxation

A link to the consultation is provided for reference:

Click to access discussion-draft-beps-action-3-strengthening-CFC-rules.pdf

As CFC rules are the foundation underlying a country’s right of taxation, while fiscal pressures are forcing administrations to increase their fisc creatively and aggressively, this consultation indicates the long-term strategies for CFC taxation.  Accordingly, MNE’s and other interested parties should review and provide comments accordingly.

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