Strategizing International Tax Best Practices – by Keith Brockman

The Czech Republic has published new tax return disclosure requirements for the 2014 year, including 2013 data for selected taxpayers.  A link to the requested information is provided for reference:

Click to access KPMG-Financial-Update-2014-07-Special-Issue.pdf

The Czech Republic disclosures include the amount of short-term and long-term intercompany receivables and payables at the end of the current and prior years for comparison.

Best Practice: Treasury training for BEPS – As more countries implement transfer pricing disclosure legislation, with increased emphasis on intercompany loans and financing transactions, it is imperative that Tax Team members provide BEPS training for international treasury centers.  This training should raise awareness of the OECD BEPS initiatives resulting in increased disclosures and inquiries from Business Units, as well as provide internal transparency and governance for significant treasury transactions.

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