Strategizing International Tax Best Practices – by Keith Brockman

The OECD published the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises (Guidelines) in 2011, this being the latest version of the Guidelines.

A unique feature of the Guidelines is the implementation of National Contact Points (NCPs), agencies established by adhering governments to promote and implement the Guidelines.  They also provide a mediation and conciliation platform for resolving practical issues that may arise. Chapter XI of the Guidelines, Taxation, that begins on page 60 outlines important concepts including timely tax compliance, cooperation with tax authorities, compliance with the letter and spirit of the tax laws and regulations of the relevant countries, and conforming transfer pricing principles to the arm’s length principle.

These principles should form an important foundation for a company’s Tax Policy and/or Tax Risk Framework, providing transparent objectives in the global tax risk profile.  The link to the Guidelines are provided for reference.

There is also a link to  the Annual Report on the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises 2013, which describes the activities undertaken to promote the observance of the Guidelines during the period June 2012 – June 2013.  The Annual Report outlines the role of the NCPs, and content of proposed violations (inclusive of Taxation), that have been submitted for review.  All OECD countries, and 11 non-OECD countries (Argentina, Brazil, Columbia, Costa Rica, Egypt, Latvia, Lithuania, Morocco, Peru, Romania and Tunisia) adhere to the Guidelines.

Click to access 48004323.pdf

The Guidelines should be a valuable Best Practice tool in a Tax Risk Framework, as well as the total risk framework of a multinational enterprise.

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