Strategizing International Tax Best Practices – by Keith Brockman

PwC has published an informative update addressing hot topics in transfer pricing for different industries.

Click to access pwc-tpp-perspectives.pdf

Key industries and issues addressed comprise the following:

  • Oil & Gas: intercompany service charges re: direct/indirect benefit and Competent Authority in non-treaty countries
  • Global Audits: MAP, OECD BEPS Action Plan, Cooperative Compliance programs, arms-length principle, PE, GAAR and Strategic Risk Assessment
  • Industrial Products: Cost Sharing Agreements, Intangibles, Supply chain management, M&A interaction
  • Interco. Financing: Guarantee fees, transfer pricing methodologies
  • Financial Industry: Dodd-Frank Act, Regulatory practice coordination with transfer pricing
  • Russia TP: New rules 2012 introducing arms-length principle, new Department and work group re: TP, specialized TP group re: intercompany transactions
  • S. America: Global marketing/sourcing, intercompany services documentation, currency restrictions
  • Real Estate Funding
  • ERP Systems and TP
  • Politics of taxation: OECD BEPS Action Plan, TP disclosures, PE risks
  • Pharmaceutical / Life Sciences
  • Value Chain Transformation: Model Maturity matrix

This publication is relevant and timely, including Best Practices and transfer pricing issues for different industries.

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