Strategizing International Tax Best Practices – by Keith Brockman

The proposals for the EU Parent-Subsidiary Directive have been published, with a summary and KPMG review in this post.

Proposed amendments on 25 Nov., 2013

•    Domestic law implementation

•    Financial mismatches (PPL, hybrids, etc.)

•    GAAR:

Artificial arrangements: to gain improper tax advantagesand defeats object, spirit & purpose of tax provisions

•     Compliance with Directive by 31 Dec. 2014

Determination of artificiality (one or more):

•     Legal characterization, vs. legal substance, of individual steps

•     Does not reflect economic reality

•     Arrangement is not ordinarily used in reasonable business conduct

•     Arrangement has offsetting or cancelling elements

•     Transactions are circular in nature

•     Arrangement results in a significant tax benefit which is not reflected in the business risks undertaken by the taxpayer

Click to access eu-nov25-2013.pdf

This proposal follows GAAR implementations by several countries in advance of the OECD BEPS Action Plan.  This subjective anti-avoidance action should be followed, as other countries will also be examining the relevant wording and guidance therein.

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