Strategizing International Tax Best Practices – by Keith Brockman

Tax Executives Institute (TEI) has provided comments to the OECD Draft Handbook on Transfer Pricing Risk Assessment, for which the relevant links are provided for reference.  A link to TEI is also included in the Recommended Links page of this blog.

Click to access TEI%20Comments%20-%20OECD%20Draft%20Handbook%20on%20Transfer%20Pricing%20Risk%20Assessment%20-%20FINAL%20to%20OECD%2011%20September%202013.pdf

These comments are useful in comprehending the complexity of transfer pricing risks and documentation concerns, especially against the backdrop of OECD’s recent White Paper on Transfer Pricing Documentation (31 July post) and its Revised Draft for the Transfer Pricing of Intangibles (3 August post).  International tax executives should review OECD’s proposals and public comments from TEI and other organizations to develop a risk framework for new transfer pricing challenges and country-specific initiatives.

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