Strategizing International Tax Best Practices – by Keith Brockman

The tax function is unique, as it necessitates collaboration with all functions and levels within an organization.  Additionally, it should be viewed as a talent source for current and potential leaders, knowledge, creativity, planning expertise, governance and Best Practices.  However, individuals not connected to the tax function are often unaware of these valuable attributes that form a valuable resource for others to learn from.  Providing mentor opportunities provide the following benefits for Best Practices in Tax Leadership:

  • Forming additional alliances throughout the organization to achieve a win-win relationship.  
  • Providing a valuable asset for recruiting talent.
  • Increasing awareness of tax risks and roles locally, regionally and globally.
  • Forming a catalyst for Mentor Programs within other functions.
  • Teaching the art of conducting collaborative meetings and achieving buy-in for cross-functional programs.
  • Developing a strong foundation for future leadership roles.
  • Learning the importance of, and distinguishing, legal entity and operating structures.
  • Proactive and interactive leadership training for Tax Team members.
  • Recognition as a Leadership Center of Excellence.
  • Expansion of tax and risk awareness into non-financial functions of the company.

Providing a Tax Leadership Mentor Program will yield a multitude of benefits while increasing awareness and perception of Tax as a highly valued Center of Excellence for current and future leaders.  Partner with Talent Management and Organizational Development to make it happen!

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